accusing little girls on the playground

boy today i totally accused, lifted eyebrow, mouth curled upwards as if i desperately confused and desperate to solve some big heist.

in another language.

that girl running around …”kariin-chan no shatsu”?

my girl’s shirt? (hurrumphhh) & a smug, confused batting of lashes.
of course i thought that was giving benefit of doubt, like i was so high-class not running

over to pull up the little classmate’s cotton top

trying to place what US store it’d come from.

those are not Japanese flowers. or colors.
i mean, you could see my point–i doubt the girl

has aunties delving into US brand shelves or speaking with online representatives

in english. it was clear, i thought:

her mom must have quickly run to grab that fabric pen & write her own daughter’s name

after it’d accidentally travelled home with them.

and what kind of mother doesn’t even know the shirt inventory

or her daughter’s things.
and gee, i really must make sure i’ve written kariin’s name

on every article over everything.

and then i left


i was so good



just letting her have it.
we got good use

i mean i wasn’t going to write a note or anything.

and then, just now, hours after the teachers corrected me and i warily walked away,

only half mashed eyebrow,

just smoothed mouth,

i saw in my own girl’s drawer

the shirt

and how it was marked

old navy.

My faux-pas are probably numbered in the hundreds. I’m sure everyone in this little Japanese community is used to it, or used to me. Hopefully they see that I am well meaning. 

Adding the dimension of thin walls and close-together houses (close like the cookie parts of Oreos) with me being loud and colorful on phone calls or arguments, you can see I am up against a lot. 

Any recent faux-pas, embarrassments, or “private” comments you made that were overheard? Do tell!

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