secrets of the housewife kind

cake shhhh…just as we speak, i’ve plunked out tubs of old veg, a teensy container of what had been very nice meat prepared with ginger, mushy mushy rice cereal my baby didn’t eat, (who knows how much to prepare when he’s just starting out) 1/3 dried up sweet potato chocolate tofu pudding (ick) and some cole slaw, just a bit. Hush, you wonderful woman doin’ it all, some days it’s enough to do laundry and serve food at all. i’ve got heaps of dishtowels to fold and then fit, nursing our baby a vaccuum to manuever and i swear that’s not it. Shhh, you husband, i’m sorry to waste this food that i’m pluckin out from the fridge, but at least you know i don’t put my nails, hair, fashion, or whatnot ahead of this mess.

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