Falling is Never Dainty


My Cinderella-like zori for kimono wearing


I felt fairly glamorous

robed in my kimono

wrapped, stuffed with towels

smoothed with a creamy obi

and tied


footed with white tabi

until my fourth trip

up and down


working to get us

out of the house

and on our way,




I slipped

in those white tabi

and scraped and bruised my arms

the back of my left knee

and some of my baby toes.


Now with pins removed

belts untied

hair washed and combed out

my arm, neck, and shoulders

look like they were left behind,

rolled under a great heavy truck

and them marks

look pretty tough.


Not so dainty

not like in the pictures

we’ll see soon enough,

feeding ducks

strolling under

the most aged of pine.

me in the taxi, ice pack tucked

under arm.


I did learn some more Japanese:

subette koron da.

Gee, did I slip and fall.


Now I feel more the part of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in those

split toes

than a woman from Edo times.

Could also be

those little stick-on carpet pads

were not around in those days.


They are frickin’ scary.


I have “bit it” on so many steps. What are some of the fabulous wipe-outs you’ve endured? (assuming you have my “grace”) Do tell.

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