Even as he sleeps


a boy

sloping nose


pouted open lips,

everything round

and chubby, a boy.

I can picture

this boy even at six months


hitting the weight of a spinning softball

with the crack of a short bat,

his ample arms soft and strong.


Flinging down the bat and running hard

Toot toot puff puff

a heavy silver train

my boy


slow motion


past first base

and then second.


The round back of his head one day

maybe showcased in a bowl cut with bangs.

How will his half-Asian hair play out.

Front forehead button nose pout.

Dungarees, frogs, soldiers lined up

hollerin’ “Mr. Wilson! Hey, Mr. Wilson!”

but in Japanese.


Taking airplane rides like these, only bigger

seat-belts, too,

he’ll be

more like his old man

and not breastfeeding—

this six month old little boy,

Our love, distilled.


he’s at about 8 months now & full of giggles, squeals, & wanting to feed himself, wanting no part in mush.

he wants whole foods & standing up. he’s a love/ in love with his big sis. xoxo


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