Gone are the Days

Gone are the days you could nurse & lie down, sleep, watch daytime movies, & simply bask in the hurt-shoulders glow of holding a loooongtime nursing-can’t-be-mobile-yet-babe.

image (29)

Shinkansen, aka “bullet train” nearing 155 mpr. Smooth as silk, though. No bumps, hickups, or noise. Just speed.

Now it’s way long stretches of awakeness for him, power-nursing which does not turn much into conk-outs, but rather simulates that quick swig of cold, orange Gatorade from the sideline before a burst of energy and a new attack.

When to blog?

When to work?

How to clean when there are no real naps or lulls in between?

Thinking, thinking. Where’s my beat-all playbook?

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