Because She is Your Girl

She knows all of your tickle spots,

that you don’t like, despise cold, wet hands.


She wants to whistle, longs to snap,

is learning to cut-cut with big kid scissors, (awayyy from you, the order of fingers).

She has a leggy tendu & sweet, pointed turnout.


one ballet-girl, one Daddy running around with baby=awkward background

Because she is yours,

she whines for croissants,

says, “May I”,

& often goes shy

unless there is candy involved,

a sort of treat to speak-up for.


Remarking about the moon,

watercolors spreading in streaks of sunshine & murky-chartreuse

puddles of love.

She squeals for her daddy & welcomes bear hugs.


Because she is a character, a wise daughter, a love bug.


And then there is the coming out of our bathroom

with a great tail of toilet paper

that I didn’t see until she rolled over at tuckintime.

A peacock, goes my joke. Hee-hee.


There. That’s it.

Quite assuredly, she is your girl, methinks.

One thought on “Because She is Your Girl

  1. Hi Melissa! You reblogged my Fighting Sentiment post almost exactly a month ago and I’ve only now got around to checking out your blog. It’s so refreshing and real! And I absolutely love this post (Because She Is Your Girl) – my Lil A is 22 months now and I can totally relate.

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