Amelia Earhart with Dramamine


Amelia Earhart sure did love to fly, but did she ever get air sick?

What would she have said to my daughter who now knows the inside of those airsick bags?

We are recovering from a tough flight in a mini-plane. Recovering from flying in a mini van.

I am “up in the air” over the dizzying prospect that we will have to take this little jumper again, on two more mini-legs of our trip.

Trying to face fears and be a good mom. Or be a good mom and eradicate fears. And throw-up. Let’s eradicate throw-up.


No, this isn’t Ms. Earhart’s plane; this is ours, from today, year 2014. I think the only difference between Amelia’s ride and ours is color vs black and white!

We took this sweet baby from the horse and buggy roads of Lancaster, PA, to Washington-Dulles airport. We, my two kiddos and I, were three passengers out of the whopping four passenger who rode. The pilot and copilot were so close. I felt like they were just playing some Wii or Atari flight simulator game. No, wait, I didn’t feel like that because we were absolutely dangling from the sky in this little outdated car with wings. It was a rode trip in an old Datsun.

With turbulence. Great big gusts of turbulence that rocked our inner cores.

Sometimes A to B is tough, Amelia. You must have known that more than anyone.


It was in the car, we first discovered our daughter’s motion sickness. We are gathering methods; It is all about hustling chewing gum, distractions like movies, and the reason why I am wedged in between her’s and her brother’s car seat: to rub her tummy.

Adding to our strategies is a big big harrowing ride. It was not the America/Japan flights.  It was a cute little domestic flight, all of fifty-minutes. We took the hardest little airplane of our lives. Skydiving could have been better, because at least we would have been prepared with parachutes. How about one for the baby?

And the terrible, funny, not-funny thing is that we are scheduled to hop on (or drag our bodies onto) two more of these little flights over the next week and a half. I will be positive. I will be positive. I will be positive.

I am doing some soul-searching, some grand fear-facing, and some mega Dramamine buying over the next couple of days. I’ll let you know what I find.

Love, peace, and airbags,


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