I’m baked

I baked

muscles so tired

here’s my “me” time right before dishes.

Life is good.

These guys are my treasure.



As wholly tired as I am, it tickled me a bit to hear my spritely little pippin of a girl, squeeky-voiced, say, Meri (her beloved doll) said me and you are perfect young ladies for cooking dessert.” The doll was still a bit damp in the hair from our shower.

She is right–it does please me to be able to provide a home made dessert. Better yet is the fact that K & I made it together. Jude-boy should be counted too, since he was strapped to my front in the carrier (all 20 pounds of him) for all of the dolling of flour, to mixing, strawberry squashing, the whole thing. Yay for us. We really earn our sleep around here.

Now I get to decide between my pillow & tending to the dishes. Shall I pretend dishwashing is a nice way to luxuriate?

2 thoughts on “Baked

  1. I admire you for baking when you are so tired! That’s a great way to bond with kids. I wish I bake more often with my kids. Baking is not my favorite thing to do and I wish I love it! I imagine you’re jet-lagged. Rest well!!

    • Finally over our jet lag! Baking is my way to eat more yummy things. 🙂 And yes, it is totally a great activity for kids, huh? My daughter is pretty awesome in the kitchen. She is an expert egg-cracker & most of the time, doesn’t get any shells in the eggs.

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