Monday Rough Riders & Spring

This morning could have been rough, as Mondays can be. Isaac was already gone, rising super early for work.

I had stayed up waaaaay too late, writing & then awake, nursing at the computer.


Mr. Textured Hair. Gosh, we love him.

Just me & the kids, so I’d take K to school. And today is the day we put clean sheets on her futon at school. Coffee first, breakfast of walnut bread (kurumi pan), that cloudy, wonderful apple juice, & glistening, juicy Florida oranges. (I swear they are even better here than when I lived in the Sunshine State).

Brushing teeth, changing clothes, gathering up pigtails, piggybacks, diaper changes throughout, Kariin’s potty breaks (convincing her that she is not “merely happy” as she suggests, but doing a pee-pee dance), and so on. Oh, we fed and walked the dogs, too, even watered plants. Kariin held the double lead and said, “I’m directing you here, dogs.” We saw tulip beds and irises.

AND, because I like to aim high, even on the slippery edge of Monday, I told Kariin she could ride her scooter all the way to school, her first time. She could have overestimated her strength, her endurance. It is sort of a long way. Nah, not her. She is a rough, tough rider. A pleasure & a gem. Our Monday morning kicked grass.




And then, as some spring reward, this is our view from the foyer, or genkan. The Taiwanese sakura is teetering on the precipice of blooming; this is the weather of dreams. Sayonara thick coats, so long you bulky outerwear. Hello to freedom in movement, to skipping a bit lighter than in February or the start of March. The sakura are slated to bloom this week, on the 26th. Hanami, that lovefest of blooms and joy camped out on tarps with lots of drinks, in almost here.


Almost full “tada!”


The Japanese school year starts mid-April. We are ready, new backpack & everything.


That’s my girl, fiddling with the stilts.

xoxo I’m a happy girl in spring.

2 thoughts on “Monday Rough Riders & Spring

  1. Aww, Miwa, thanks for your comment & for your PS about our boy’s hair! We’re plotting his first haircut. It will be soon. And then he may need product. 🙂

    Come on, cherry blossoms, right? It is crazy how fleeting they are, but we’ll just enjoy the heck out of them while they’re here & blooming, ne? Yessss, winter just dragged on. Ready for more warm weather like today. It was almost hot!

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