At the Dermatologist

Remember when I said it was awkward to be without your shoes sometimes in Japan? I had lots of responses from people who said, “Listen, it is not just Japan thing. We do it here, too.” (HERE was England, Oz, Botswana, Tennessee). I do not think Aussies take the slipper thing into public places, like schools or doctors’ offices. What can I say–I am highly competitive.

Back to slippers. Most of the time I am down with inside shoes when inside, but look.

Slippers at the dermatologist. Fine, right? Uh, maybe. Except with the heavenly warm spring weather, I wore cute little flats without socks. Crudddddd. Guess who had to pick slippers, hoping the patient before her did not come in with a raging case of some foot disease. Eeny meeny miney mo… I hope something doesn’t start growing on my little toe.

Now I remember when last summer, when I was treating something on my daughter’s skin, that I kept a pair of socks in my bag for those trips to the Dermo. Slippers. They’re a thing.

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