Just now, at 4:30 am


It is now, right now
As I slide rag over table, finally arrange teapots how they ought to be,
the all quiet hum of silent night time home, sunrise hits all points:
loppy tomato plant, stone siding,
compass rose, Google Earth
Tokyo Pacific time
The time crows and babies
remember food.

Driveway, towers, and trains
are now running.
I could stay up,
Could be the artful, neat designer me,
Could wow them at 7:38.
It could be really great.

This is my night time, so fresh,
Mind is calm,
yet races.

I have always wanted to yacht.

Instead I drape the white rag over faucet, flick off light, and hang

that teeny vase in the hall.

I walk into night time breath,

tenderly lulled

by the time
I slide into bed
sheet under chubby leg
one year old
next to thirty five year old
both breaths, love.

It takes all I have not to wake
them with snuggles
robot shirt covered tummy expanding with each 4:38 baby boy

and man breath, each sweet


This is when we gather strength
for the day
I could stay up
but lights are already off
and sun will come in soon.

It is time to add my sleepy dreaming
leg under sheets,
rise and fall tides of breath
to the song of awakening birds.

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