Ode to Crock Pot, Ode to Famiglia

It was not me to throw
in a few fingers of leftover Champagne
into a slowwwwwcooker.
With chicken.
Better to drink it, right?


But layer
with all my
of turnips, onions,
potatoes, salt, garlic,
sweet potatoes,
some glazy glugs of olive oil,
and a bit of demi-glace,
and remember, that dear bubbly?

I felt like a real
with all that hearty fall yumminess.
I could have been a bear,
hopefully a lady – line one
with snatched pearls from
a line.

But it was the people
who were
the real treat,
sister and brother in from
45 dives with rare and tiny orbs of
inking squid and dragon barbed seahorses
swollen with eggs.
They show pictures I think
Cousteau would droll over.

Anyway, they, in their love,
even brought me a box
of honey-filled candy corn.
I mean, have you

It is just so good
when welcoming
as Family and you get hugs and hear,
“Honey, it’s just us”.

I would gladly tip
in a whole
for that.

Thank you for coming, R & G!
This trip will be the best.

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