Work Party Working Out

I was at my work party,
the one with all these amazing
Who take me back
accept me
Except me
with smiles and hugs
and real coversation

(This was me, clattering down the hill to the train station to pick up my kids, post-party)

And it makes me so happy
Tearing up
At the thought of opportunity and belonging
And this is what is on the other side of the hill
When there are friends on the other side
Of all who have moved away.



And I meant to take out my camera
To snapshot
The setting sun watercolor
Diarama of Roppongi, Tokyo,
And all the good change—
Ginkgo, shadows, sunset blue pink
Swimming through melon and dramatic Champagne.

Day-new engagements,
Babies that smile and lift their own neck,
Cards and gifts and choking up
At the value of friends belonging with

All that to say,
I am glad to have found you,

My dear other, extraordinary half.
Getting there was all worth it.

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