A Bit Beachy & Wild

It is quite marvelous
That in this, the sturdy start of December,
My daughter twisted, braided, tied up my hair
In a sweet microbraid she did herself.
She gave me two of them
And each, with bright elastic bands
Bought in a pack for 100 yen.

I didn’t want to undo them,
Fiddle with my hairdo
Before the shower,
But then
I forgot again,
And brushed each braidy bundle
To where, because of my way wavy hair,
Mist & spray from the shower,
I  have two conglomerate braidy dreadlocks
All teased
And just hanging out.


However much it hurts
And however much I do not,
Please no,
Want to take my now gnarled braids out,
It rather feels like I’m on vacation
In the Bahamas
With some salt water
And coconut scrub,
And maybe,
My beads fell out.

Except I tell you my whole head is now ratty
And sheesh
When do we ever have time
To make for pain.

Let’s just pretend I have these beachy waves
(under knit cap, next to gloves)
At the shore.

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