today and this night

today without my husband,

today with sendoff, kisses, and “tootle-oohs”,

our son leaped into the arms of his daddy

thick-lipped kisses to each of us.


by breakfast, we had written notes,

taught phonics, made up three songs, remembered two other ones,

talked about grandparents,

everyone’s plans and doled out

prayers like thick marmalade.

the one with zest.


i walked dogs while they played and hugged


there was laundry, on-line and taking it off.

cars and a lesson on not being so rough,

corrections to daughter and a right-awesome do-over

which worked out—instead of her rising-up, mad warrior,

she giggled. she answered me with delight. it was light.




we flung off bicycle plastic covers for the day was bright

and new tulips and all the flower-labels i couldn’t understand then

were popping-up, but like newborn pups,

eyes, blooms closed, shut-tight.


we detect sun and we all, we throw off covers,

throw down dirt: move!


there was school, working hard to understand teacher (me, i mean, needing translation)

from the sweetest teacher, the one who kept writing “shit” for “a poopy diaper”,

the one who just tried hard to make us understand each other…and poop. 🙂


so there was laughter and buying new rice from my guy, third-generation owner

the house smelled like solid grains, bulky and comforting

us who love our daddy, love the rain,

love our own graciousness,

all the fancy ways we ask for milk and say we’re done.


and oh, yes, today i cleaned out the fridge who should have been ashamed

he was so dirty and obviously unable to take even minimal care of himself.

Tssk tssk.

today, tonight there was Belle and Beast and feeling in-love with

this family,

all of us trying to sleep tight.


today i made strides but tonight

i’m hungry for my own-tuck-in

my own “turn out the light” command.

it’s a funny thing, being adult.

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