Sturdy is Beauty


She has held out to me
flowers since Sunday

(maybe 7 or 6)

and this morning, a teensy white flower, another purple, and then

the dandelion, which is her flower, called tanpopo in Japanese.

the one assigned her at preschool,

stitched to the inside of her red hat (boshi)

and sealed on her coat rack,

sock bin, everywhere her name is; there is frilly solid tanpopo like soft fringe.

This morning we tested her running

legs beside and in front of our bike,

the whole whole way,

picking flowers calling cats,

noticing differences between dogwood and sakura.


And after we blew dried up seeds

and taught her brother,

she picked one for my ear.

All morning compliments

on our treasure on my gift–

solid, stuck like a rock and you

it would not blow off

not round corners

not with wind

not with anything.

stuck like the beauty

called you.

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