Blowing out Candles in Another Culture: International Birthdays

Another post, this time outside of Japan and not from me!

I’ve recently discovered another writer-blogger, Lou Messugo

Phoebe, the star of the blog, is a British and Australian passport holder living in the fantastically gorgeous Côte d’Azur. (Can you imagine? I’m destination-struck.) She writes about realizations, some easy, some awkward in how a French fête, or party, differs from the children’s parties of her background.

It’s funny how even our choice of snack sends a certain message! That’s not even getting into birthday songs, present-opening, the two-kiss greeting, and so on.

It could send even the most together woman into a tizzy (though I doubt the fabulous Phoebe is as big of an overthinking worry wort as I am). Thing is, even if we baffle and bumble through what are “no-brainers” for locals and those who truly know the culture, our love shines.

Still, I love how transparent Phoebe is about those parties and how she found her knack in the South of France. Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error, a bit of wriggling in to a new home.

I can’t wait to ask my French friends about her experiences!


phoebe-portrait     More about Phoebe here!

Find Phoebe all over town, thanks to her blog!

Here she is, on Facebook, too!

À tout à l’heure!


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