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Hey, come in, welcome~

Welcome to Melibelle in Tokyo. Expect real-talk, the occasional ridiculous story, & poems, too. No recipes. No sewing patterns. Plenty of emotion, play, and get-up-and-go. In fact, I’ll be your mixtape for a cathartic, getaway drive!

♥♥                                                  ♥

I blog to make sense of this world. I blog to show vulnerability and all the messy, profound steps called…mmm, is it growth? Sure hope so. 

I write to encourage other women, especially those trying to make a home in the trees, those who have moved oversees, or whose life has changed quite drastically. Those who have babies, longings, gardens, a sense of humor, whatever. Just come and connect.

I’m a US National Board Certified teacher, writer, editor, mother, wife, burner of food, caterpillar killer, modern sci-fi watcher, & budding gardener. I would grow groves and groves of avocados, limes, cilantro & mint, for mojitos & guac, ’round the clock.


In my own move from the beaches of Florida, to the skyscrapers and trains of Tokyo, I want to cultivate place and roots, (also, I’m quite addicted to Instagram), a way to look back and track all the good and great, while standing high on tippy toes, peering over trees, making sense of a different culture, of being a mommy, daughter, wife, and friend.

Maybe this blog is more of a port-hole, a look-out.

I have posts on embracing my neighborhood, on being sooo round, sooo pregnant on the trains.

I spill the beans on being nearly illiterate in Japanese and (kind of) working on that!

Come back often. I’ll be posting author & illustrator interviews, guest posts, & so on.

-Melissa and Kariin Jan 2013 WEB-39

Mostly, this is a literary forum, a place to read some good words. I want my words to do honest work, to go deep. The teacher in me encourages you to respond–here and in your own journal or blog! I also aim to write about faith, authentically. To be real and show what is my hope.

Teaching and Writing Services

I’m starting to work loads more with authors and even small business owners. I’m just passionate about spreading good words & helping wonderful people. Contact me to team-up!

I lead young writers’ workshops here in the wilds of Tokyo, raising travel and food writers, & giving them the skills and avenues for publishing.

“I play my music in the sun”. I am sometimes “too loud” for the sensibilities in Japan. And I’m okay with that.

Give a shout, send a note or comment. I’d love that!

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