Prominent Posts

These are the posts that have garnered most views, or have stirred the pot in some way.

How Do You Say “Foodbaby” in Japanese? A descriptive primer about life, post-prego, in Japan. People look at my tum & wish me big congratulations. Um, but there isn’t any baby.

Keep Your Friendly, Thanks: When I hear the word, “Aryan” to describe my Jewish daughter, meant as a compliment. This is written prior to learning a fuller definition of the word. I am ripped to shreds on a forum over this one, guys.

Is Going to an Onsen Preparing for a Nudist Colony? Title says it. Seventh grade locker room did not prepare me for the onsen, naked public bathing experience that is Japan.

For Bidemi, and Mom: Moving to a vastly different landscape with kids means, “Quick,” get a library card and check out books!

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