Meat on your Bones

First, I need to just share the meatiness of our Thanksgiving with you.

As you know, Thanksgiving is not a Tokyo thing. This means that my husband hauled a very very mean frozen turkey home with him in a tough backpack, along with a frozen chicken and duck, much like how I have hauled frozen lamb shanks (with meat) home on the train after running all over to acquire them from super expensive international stores for Passover. Short of hunting, we sure do work for the meat.

So, meat home and thawed,

My husband deboned three whole beasts and sewed them all up with stuffing

jam-packed inside each bird

and with me as a nurse

on the side.

Meaning I held it together while he sewed

at 3 am.


meat o’ rama



nothing says Thanksgiving like a middle of the night selfie x 2, rt before you force yourself to stop making the crafty place cards/pinecone with feathers with each guest’s name.

btw, none of the guests took theirs home with them! i don’t get it. :/

poor wannabe diy me.

IMAG7121_1        IMAG7123_1

fine, just leave ’em,

it’s fine. :/


The things we do.

i know it is time to be readying for Christmas and New Years, and yet, I still have fall pics to share, including soo many amazing pics from my trip to Fl to meet my nephew. Here’s to catch-up.

PS I am learning and relearning that I don’t so much care for turkey or chicken most of the time. I’m a stuffing and cranberry sauce and pie girl. It’s the whole “was raised a vegetarian forever thing”. Sometimes I can’t shake it.

But I can shake a tail feather.