A Juicy Discovery


It is quite juicy

to suddenly be able to

understand gossip,

to lean-in

learn, discover


I am at the core,

a RAVING busy body.

You see,

America means I am EVERYWHERE

at once,

in every booth

back office

check-out counter


mama talk

talking hushed voices

round the clock.

Like Jim Carrey when his ears

took on the job of Almighty G-d.

SO much! SO much!

And that’s only what was spoken aloud.

(Fahgetabout what is being shushhhed).

Then there are the murmurs, the sighs,

the oversensitive, overactive


which is all on overtime,

jet lag,

and sheer



mere comprehension.

can i get an “amen”?


For you expats or bicultural, bilinguals, how is it for you when you go back home? How does language strike you differently as you move back and forth between worlds?