No Yeast Feast


This week marks Passover, where we Jews remember the Exodus from slavery to freedom. We drinks four glasses of wine at the seder, or dinner. We tell the story and ask really good questions. We also don’t eat any yeast in our bread. This is the matzoh, a flat cracker with holes.

This year, we got fancy. We made our own matzoh. I also trecked a ways to the Jewish Community Center to buy boxes, factory made. Our version sure smelled fabulous, especially the spiced and garlic ones, wafting from the oven. It was like a heavenly everything bagel kind of smell. Yumm.



Let me tell you, though. The store bought guys are much easier in the teeth. You could lose your crowns or braces over ours.

Well, manufactured or home made, Kariin was not happy over the prospect of eating matzoh the VERY FIRST morning of Passover. “What????” She balked. “I want my toast!”

She is getting used to the idea that our matzoh feats lasts a week. It’s all about the condiments and remembering just why we celebrate. Anything eaten in freedom surely tastes grand.

Love and matzoh pizza,