The Blur Behinddddd


I love you on the train,

your eyes roving, flicking with equal interest

flirt and tired.

Eyes that speak: touch me, feed me.

Eyes alight.

Bags rumple


as she readies to get out.

A “people person”, not yet shy,


catch their eyes

in your big smile, cheeks widening,


Eyelashes that flutter.

You know how to get people to see your very soul.

Smile, as I touch your hand.

You, sweet, are the sounding train, bright light trekking

wordlessly, even, into all you will do.

I jotted this down on the Yamanote line 山手線 recently, with my boy.

The Yamanote is a huge train loop, 34.5 km, connecting most of Tokyo’s major centers & stops. We are train people, here in this metropolis. Our stroller is the car, on and off trains, up and down hills with shopping bags pinched on to handle bars. Besides swiping our train passes, we sure do walk a lot.  

Incidentally, I was riding this very line when my water broke the first time around with my daughter. A very excited & incredulous me walked off at my stop(at 36 weeks), to go pack my bags at the house, eat a quick something while waiting for my hub, & climb into the cab that would take us to our birth house (also along the Yamanote line).