Meat on your Bones

First, I need to just share the meatiness of our Thanksgiving with you.

As you know, Thanksgiving is not a Tokyo thing. This means that my husband hauled a very very mean frozen turkey home with him in a tough backpack, along with a frozen chicken and duck, much like how I have hauled frozen lamb shanks (with meat) home on the train after running all over to acquire them from super expensive international stores for Passover. Short of hunting, we sure do work for the meat.

So, meat home and thawed,

My husband deboned three whole beasts and sewed them all up with stuffing

jam-packed inside each bird

and with me as a nurse

on the side.

Meaning I held it together while he sewed

at 3 am.


meat o’ rama



nothing says Thanksgiving like a middle of the night selfie x 2, rt before you force yourself to stop making the crafty place cards/pinecone with feathers with each guest’s name.

btw, none of the guests took theirs home with them! i don’t get it. :/

poor wannabe diy me.

IMAG7121_1        IMAG7123_1

fine, just leave ’em,

it’s fine. :/


The things we do.

i know it is time to be readying for Christmas and New Years, and yet, I still have fall pics to share, including soo many amazing pics from my trip to Fl to meet my nephew. Here’s to catch-up.

PS I am learning and relearning that I don’t so much care for turkey or chicken most of the time. I’m a stuffing and cranberry sauce and pie girl. It’s the whole “was raised a vegetarian forever thing”. Sometimes I can’t shake it.

But I can shake a tail feather.


Inspiring Blog 1 while I Try an Epic Cleanup & Figure Out Thanksgivingukkah

Just a quick little referral to this neat blog, Cranes and Clovers, created by three sisters.

Totally bilingual. Just choose English or Japanese. Really speaks to living across two continents, two worlds, raising kids and ideas, with some fashion & food sprinkled in.

I’m gonna be a busy bee this week and beyond, as Hanukkah and Thanksgiving get ready to literally collide and give us one big mashup holiday of Pilgrims, Macabees, latkes and garlic smashed potatoes. (The world has aptly titled this not for another 70,000 years phenomena as Thanksgivingukkah).

(When you live abroad, hosting Thanksgiving can feel both like a joy and a great civic duty, like installing voting booths or teaching literacy. Hosting or even talking about Hanukkah also carries its own joys & sense of responsibility, particularly when you may be the first Jew your guest has ever met. Seriously). Dunno why this is in parenthesis; it deserves its own paragraph.

I’m here and in between my assessing essays, gathering info for our guide book, transcribing an author interview, teaching,

nursing, changing diapers, walking dogs, cleaning out the crazy laundry heap that is our room,

figuring out dinner,

figuring out the holidays & baking pies,

I may post itty bitty notes about people doing neat things on blogs.

Have a really fabulously great one.

I’ll leave you with some pics of my boy trying out pancakes for the first time.

I’m off for my day called Extravaganza Cleaning, otherwise known as:

Epic-don’t-get-sidetracked-but-crank-some-Beastie-Boys-while-you-clean-even-if-only-for-an-hour-or-6 (even though you’ll have to wear Mr. Fat Baby in the carrier & further injure your shoulders to get anything done)-Day