On Teaching:



I am a National Board teacher, serving the international and Japanese communities here in Tokyo.

I lead parent-workshops to teach and empower parents to engage in higher-level teaching/parenting

over literacy, ie even getting more mileage out of the bedtime story.

I lead student literacy groups and individual sessions.

I also support a diverse set of international school students as they work to maintain a high level of English while they speak and operate in other languages and may go to Japanese school.


Just this spring, I began working at a private Japanese school, teaching reading and writing to junior high-aged young women.

I am so excited to wear my indoor shoes! They are cute, cute!

I am so excited to meet these amazing students, all girls.

I can’t wait to hear and help cultivate their voices, encourage them in their very soul.



I especially love leading writing groups for young people!

We go off, do stuff, eat stuff, and write.

We interview, we report, we publish.

map tokyo

All of these are amazing ingredients in loving what I do.

Sometimes the best word is “blessed”.




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