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Japan Times

Yakitori at Celebrated, Free-Range Souten There is a yakitori restaurant in Otsuka, Tokyo, that has built a well-respected, delicious space for high-intensity, juicy skewered chicken. This piece sheds light on jidori chicken and the focus of a confident chef.

A shooting at my school, Florida’s Douglas High, viewed from afar in Japan but still so close Exactly what the title states–a look at what it means to live abroad, but be involved in the events and feelings of a community–especially in a tragic time. How do the mind, body, and heart bridge the distance?


What Good is a Splint: The Power of Necessary Rest Part of a new and dynamic online collection of writing called A Mother Knows, stories from mothers all over the world. My piece explores the power, joy, and pain in sitting out for a spell and letting your partner and community step up.

HerStories Project

That’s My High School: A Reunion Twenty-one years post high school graduation, my high school is the site of horror. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High rise up and demand common sense gun laws and big-time change. I also rise up with solidarity and pride.

The Sunlight Press

Recording Everyday Beauty It is often discussed and believed that raising children is the creative zapper to end any artistry of a mother. I say this is not true; we just need time and support.

Multicultural Kid Blogs

Multicultural Kid Blogs Creating the Festival of Lights in a country where we cannot find the actual lights/candles for our menorah is tough. Holidays like Hanukkah take more effort and flexibility when living abroad.

Washington Post, On Parenting

A Lunchable is Not an O-Bento Back-to-school lunches beckon. In this piece, I am being a little cultural fairy, bringing up some trade-mark tips in regards to this Japanese practice of on-the-go-meals.

Brain, Child

Tell Your Kids Early Pregnancy can bring great joy–also many unknowns, many fears, and sometimes, sadly, heartbreaking news. I say that telling people–friends, family, and even our children, early on about our pregnancy can build a great support, even with the risks.

Mother As Witness On the task that is fighting to record all of the change our kids and family undergo. Memory fails, but how can we possibly write all of this down or take enough pictures to remember right now?

Why I Let My Kids See Me Naked I would rather be open than allow my kids to see and repeat any shame in their bodies. This is my first piece in this esteemed magazine. I welcome any comments, especially if they are averse to my thinking. I wonder about the ways & “whys” in which our parenting is different.

The Village Magazine

I Sometimes Live in Shadows How might we live in our marriage when our own parents’ divorce so affected our feelings and views? This piece examines the need for support and the ways we may walk in light.

I Burst Tonight Writing about the ways we burst as parents–from overwhelming noise, situations, joy, fear–bursting in every which way and emotion.

Dumping Desks and Changing Minds: I write as a forever messy person, now in charge of raising kids and being a wife and partner in this home. I talk about dumping desks and clearing minds.

Knocked Up Abroad Again

This anthology showcases what it means to become a mother in a foreign land, by 26 women in 25 countries. A powerful project which unites and empowers women. We are more than our struggles, our expectations, our joy. An exquisite read!  Read, watch the video, share!!

knocked up

Knocked Up Abroad Contributor Chats

— My first-ever podcast interview! We sit, editor and publisher, Lisa Ferland, and me, connected by our stories and all the words to describe living and raising kids abroad–she, in Sweden, and I, in Tokyo.

Kyoto Journal

Any Ring is Commitment, Even One Made of Fire This piece delves into what transpired on March 11 and how that earthquake changed my view of home here in Japan. My, how I want you to please download this gorgeous journal which reflects the delicate beauty of Kyoto. Taken from Journal no. 85 in Kyoto Journal, here is my essay about living on The Ring of Fire.

Parent.Co/now Medium

Frustrated with the Stanford rape case and so many cases before it, I penned this piece on what parents of young kids (and all kids) can do: teach and model responsibility, respect, & consent, in ways that are emotionally and developmentally appropriate.

Roasted Montreal 

Contributor to my Tokyo-spin on Michelle Little’s series, Traveling with Toddlers! Here is my big take on this big city and how I do with my own tots. Tokyo, it turns out, is very accessible.

Jena Schwartz

The Roar Sessions: Guest Post Howl, Scream, Speak: The Voice of a Mama Exploring the voice I’ve grown as a woman and mother. An unwelcome guest brings out tenacity and strong language in my guest post. Read every Roar Session for maximum results!


You Cannot Have Your Cake or Eat it Either Documenting a family moment, avec candy wrappers, tears, and a big consequence. Co-parenting with love, forgiveness, & a month-long suspension from sugar can be a good thing.

Hand-Me-Downs: A Measure in Giving It can be tough to let go of our children’s delicate baby/toddler clothing. Sometimes there is faith in giving and of course, receiving.

Lilith Magazine Blog

The most vulnerable of any posts. I bare it all. Grateful for Lilith’s enviable coolness that has been off-the-charts since 1976, y’all.

Cargo Literary Magazine

Pedaling In and Out of Waves: Life in Tokyo, Not at the Beach -“Melissa Uchiyama offers a view into the transformations and lessons that come from finding home in a culture different from one’s own.”-says the editor. xoxo

Literary Mama

Profile: A Conversation with Deborah Jiang-Stein-Speaker & author of Prison Baby, an extraordinary memoir opening wounds and the insights from being born to an incarcerated mother, finding the truth of her birth and early years, and catapulting to a place, where she and her organization can help thousands of women.

After Page One: Birth of a Writer

Journal Prompt: Free Write, Tools to inspire the writer

Interview with Suzanne Kamata, acclaimed writer

New Seeds & Writing Bridges


My Daughter is Learning to Say No, With Help From the Purim Story

I Felt Like an Outside Living in Japan, Until I Befriended Another Mom

The Very Strange Experience of Traveling Alone as a Mom

My Favorite TV Character is a Rapist

HerStories Tales

Mothering Through the Darkness, Women Open Up About the Postpartum Experience, Contributing author. Order Here! My essay deals with an accident and the guilt I experienced, compounded by the fact that I am a foreginer dealing with all things life-abroad.


Click to pre-order!

Asian Jewish Life

My Hope, Less Fears: A Homecoming Halted A piece about my first and (sadly) only time in Israel. Hearing about terrorism prompted a panic in me. I talk about that & the ways I’ve since grown through & out of that.

BonBon Break

Outside Inspiration for Meals in which I talk about all the traffic we’re giving our small city balcony, eating there for every meal, when weather allows.

Best of Baby

Americans Give Birth Abroad piece, documenting my experiences in Japan, part of an enlightening, brilliant series

Air France-

My travel map & mini-guide for the glamorous airline to showcase just a handful of my fave Tokyo sites & places to grab a glass or bite.


summer-ikea-feature, features my fam & me in the magazine for designers, all seasons print

This writerly blog-hop!

Brain Child

Reader Profile


Ghostwriting for a premier bilingual site for Tokyo foodies

Tokyo Cheapo

Writing food & travel pieces for the fun and sometimes flippant site

The above link brings you to a smattering foodie and travel reviews.


Publishing came out of leading writing groups and teaching young writers. I hungered for the whole process of writing and wanted to share the growth that comes from sharing our words. I taught the Power of Audience but didn’t share my work on a larger scale. That soon changed.

Now, more than ever, I love encouraging others to open themselves up to other writers & readers, and continue to teach writing.

I love promoting community, love using my words to support small and large businesses, too.

More interviews and author profiles soon!

The best is yet to come. 

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